Loan Process

Brief guidelines for completing Loan Process:
The application form is used when applying for a Study Loan under the IIUI IT Alumni Qardh-e-Hasnah scheme. This is a need-based award aimed at bright indigent students to help them continue their studies at IIUI. To qualify, you must demonstrate need. The assessment of your application by the University shall be final. The form is for use by students of IIUI applying for the first time, in line with the deadlines announced by the University. (For continuation of approved Loan, students will use another form)

How to apply
  1. Complete and sign the application form (follow the instructions given in the form)
  2. Enclose the required documentation (listed in form)
  3. Apply as per the deadlines announced by IIUI.
Rejection of your application
An application for a study loan will be rejected if the application does not include the information or documentation necessary to process the case.

Required documents
Please enclose the following documents:
  • Attested Income/Salary/Pension Certificate in respect of Father/Guardian, Mother, Brothers and Sisters
  • Income Tax Return in respect of Father/Guardian, Mother, Brothers and Sisters
  • Telephone bills (most recent/family residence)
  • Gas bills (most recent/ family residence)
  • Electricity bills (most recent/family residence)
  • Attested copy of CNIC of Student, Father and Mother
  • Attested copy of Academics Documents including certificate of awards and achievements
  • Attested copy of Death Certificate of father (Where Applicable)
  • Attested copy of Disability Certificate of father (Where Applicable)
  • Family Registration Certificate (FRC)
  • Attested Copy of Domicile
Please note:
The applicant is responsible for providing accurate information about all income earned by the family and all property owned by the family at the time of application. Family, for the purposes of this application, includes Father/Guardian, Mother, and Brothers and Sisters.