Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for grant of Financial Assistance for IIU Students through Zakat for Education

  1. The information regarding Financial Assistance Program’s offering will be disseminated through website/Notice boards widely in order to provide equitable access to all students. Applications shall be invited through UAFA web portal.
  2. Students shall be given proper guidance by the office of UA & FA regarding financial assistance offered from time to time.
  3. The Financial Assistance will be offered at all Programs of the University of any Discipline.
  4. Students of any semester of any discipline who are suffering from chronic diseases, may also be sponsored out of funds collected through Zakat.
  5. UA & FA office shall also make sure to observe that awardees are fulfilling necessary requirements of the financial assistance, such as;
    1. The Student may not be punished because of his/her involvement in violation of the university rules, damage to institute property, misbehavior with staff or colleagues or any other disciplinary action
    2. Student must have secured CGPA of 2.00.
  6. Funds will be utilized only for the sole purpose of awarding financial assistance to Zakat deserving students. The applications shall be called bi-annually subject to availability of funds.
  7. There shall be a Scrutiny Committee for initial screening of the applicants.
  8. A Scrutiny committee shall ensure to scrutinize all the applications as per the eligibility criteria of the Financial assistance, through different available documents submitted by students along with application.
  9. Pre-Institutional Scholarship Award Committee shall finalize the names of awardees and the amount of financial assistance to be provided to the students.
  10. The lists of awardees shall be displayed on University’s Website and shall also be shared with all concerned departments.
  11. When applicable, the meeting/s of Pre-Institutional Scholarship Award committee, Institutional Scholarship Award Committee, or any other Committee constituted for the specific financial assistance scheme may be called to review/any change in the SOPs if deemed necessary.
  12. UA & FA office shall make sure that no duplicate scholarship be awarded through its office.
  13. In case of deviation, UA & FA office shall take the required steps (warnings, cancellation of assistance, recoveries etc.) as per SOPs of the financial assistance and in line with IIUI’s rules.
  14. Fund utilization report/s duly verified by the Resident Auditor and focal person shall be placed on website bi-annually.
  15. The International Islamic University, Islamabad undertakes the responsibility of the payment of Financial assistance subject to availability of funds. In case the funding is stopped/freezed by the Donor (due to any reason) the university would not take any financial liability out of its own resources.